Trax FM! Wicked Music For Wicked People!



                                                                        12:00 – 4AM – Trax FM Non Stop                                           

                                                                     4AM - 5AM - Judge Jim's Big Debate (Replay)

                                                                               5AM – 8AM – Trax FM Non Stop

                                                                   7AM - 9AM - David RB Show On Trax FM! (Replay)

                                     9AM – 11AM – DJ Littleman & The Beats International Show Live From Australia

12PM – 5PM – Trax FM Non Stop

5PM – 7PM – The Chas Summers Throwback Show Live

7PM - 9PM – Trax FM Non Stop 

9PM - 11AM The Good Groove Show with DJ Ritz

All Times BST