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Trax FM Blog April 2018

Hello Lovely Listeners!

Apologies for the late blog entry. Isn't life quick? New shows here on since we last spoke. Jon Boud's All The Rage, (our latest chat show), gives us a different insight in todays society. Look for subjects such as racism, nationalism, in-equality and more. Jon is very angry! Catch Jon every Wednesday from 7PM UK Time. Judge Jim will be returning hold on to your butt cheeks.

Danny Jay returns live from Cardiff. Danny is a working club DJ, and for all those budding bedroom DJ's wishing to see how it's done,you need to listen to Danny Jay, live every Saturday morning from 12AM UK Time.

Docta Dee is also a welcome addition to Trax FM. The Docta's Soulful Surgery, (live from 7PM every Tuesday), is also live on Facebook. A wonderful mixture of soul/funk/boogie in the mix...and plenty of banter too. Don't miss it.

Ricky K is also now on Trax FM every Sunday from 11AM/10PM New Zealand time. Why New Zealand time we hear you ask? That's because young Ricky is broadcasting live from New Zealand, (like our very own DJ Littleman is from Australia - just before Ricky's show from 9AM UK Time/6:30PM Australia time). Ricky's show is filled with dance classics and boogie.

Steve Vimto's Eclectic Sessions every Thursday from 5PM UK time is a must listen. Yes you get the RnB, yes you get the dance classics, but listen out for the odd, not the norm too. Vimto's show can range from RnB to Indie.It's that different.

What's been happening out there in the real world we hear you ask? Well, the mainstream media is full on attempting to discredit a credible political opposition of late here in the UK. First he was a spy, then a terrorist, then a racist who knows what next!

Who would imagine that the billionaire owned mainstream media's attacks on a political party would back fire and actually increase the political party's membership they are attacking,& actually increase public sympathy towards that party? Makes you wonder why doesn't it? Who stands to gain? Perhaps the opposition's election manifesto, in which looks to get the UK's top 100 earners to actually pay their taxes? God forbid!

The UK is about to enter local elections and it does not look good for traditionally safe seats like Westminister,Barnet,Wandsworth. The opinion polls are showing the public want a change,and despite all the attack on the opposition by the billionaires, those seats are going to be red. In fact it looks like most of London. Perhaps the party in power needs a war.Hang on? That is exactly what is being proposed. Syria may be bombed without any parliamentary vote. Shades of Iraq?

We think UK MP's should note that they work for us. Sometimes a political party in power is so out of touch, (austerity here in the UK has not worked). Homelessness is on the rise, nurses using food banks, a working wage in which is below the poverty line. Public services on it's knees. A party in power in which votes against free school meals for children in poverty. That meal may very well be the only meal that child has for the day. Well, it is with that arrogance that we believe the electorate will punish them.

Pretty much what they did last June, and the electorate are coming back again. Politics needs a radical re-think here in the UK. If it does not or we do not have the sensible debate, you end up on the other side of the scale (yep! A Mr Orange man!).

We recently saw this article in the "from the streets, we are the voice of youth" Evening Standard


Let's be clear here. The Hip Hop  culture/movement actually has more positives then the wonderful Standard actually "proclaims". Yes, Hip Hop,(for a time) was based on "showmanship". Whether that be lyrics,dance,graffiti,or music. Yes, it took a more social point of view in the mid to early 90's,( and justifiably too). To be honest the multi million pound industry,(yes corporations) funded the expensive bling bling rap videos and concerts in the 90's and beyond. That said the current violence in London is a social issue,not a music one. It's an issue of under funding,austerity, working for a below pay average, living closer and closer to the poverty line. It's social services in which is on it's knees due to costs and cuts. It's not Hip Hop's fault, it's a political one. It's the "millennials" version of what we had to put up with with Reagonomics/Thatcherism

Till next time you crazy kids!

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Trax FM Blog December 2017

So 2017 ends as it never started. The nation is probably as divided as it has ever been. A general election in June in which mobilised the youth vote. The Brexit referendum, started by a politician, (David Cameron), then he resigned. Also the main "leave" campaigner Nigel Farage has now declared himself skint, and the political party he led, (UKIP), is now in ruins.

The opposition, The Labour Party, are not absolutely certain whether to leave and/or stay in the single market and remain in the customs union. The single market and to leave it is a left wing analogy as it stops cheap labour from coming to the UK and therefore allows jobs in the UK for UK citizens first on a decent minimum wage. This whole Brexit thing is reviving the arguments made in 1975,when Britain should or should not be part of the EU. Some good arguments where made by both sides on not to enter the EU. It’s funny how decisions made then come back to bite your arse. We think the whole Europe argument is a “political party killer”. However the electorate had a choice and that is that. One wonders with all that is at stake, could the Brexit decision be kicked into the political long grass?

Back to the music here on Trax FM. New DJ’s are coming in thick and fast. DJ Ricardo’s “Thank Funk It’s Tuesday” comes in January in 2018 as well as DJ Ivanhoe’s “Here Comes That Sound”. Both are fast and funky with disco…. don’t miss em!

Chas Summers Throwback show made a fantastic return with the featured artist, Joey Negro’s Sunburst Band. The demos from artists around the world are also flooding in. Who needs a slave labour recording contract and expensive studio time? Certainly not now with technology and social media. The quality of the demos we receive from budding musicians and rappers is truly breath taking. Keep em coming to:

Have a fantastic Christmas & a great new year

Trax FM…Wicked Music For Wicked People

Trax FM Blog July 2017

This month saw another great musical loss, Prodigy from the Hip Hop group Mobb Deep,

( Albert Johnson (November 2, 1974 – June 20, 2017).

General Election 2017

Well...what was supposed to be a fore-gone conclusion turned into a historical political landscape in which has turned parliament it's head. Although the Conservative party won it did not gain a parliamentary majority. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party touched and engaged the youth vote. Theresa May then had to reach out to the Ulster Unionist party,the DUP in order to gain a majority to at least get some form of watered down bill's through parliament. It cost us £1 billion pounds  though,(per year). On top of that,our public services still have to suffer a continuing 7 year pay freeze. On top of that food banks grow and grow,(when did food banks become a thing?). Employment is down,but only because of zero hours contracts,so people in work are people in poverty. Regardless of your politics though,you now have two main parties with very different policies.Isn't that what it's all about?

Terrorists Attacks

The dates of the 22nd May,(Manchester Arena), 3rd June, (London Bridge), 19th June (Finsbury Park) saw the UK under attack from individuals who deserve no mention nor place on this earth. Those poor children and their families. They where just out having a nice time. Some say how do we stop this terror. The monsters objective is to hate everything about our society.Full stop. Radicalisation? Who radicalised the Finsbury Park attacker? No. Our society has never been more divided. There are those out there to divide us even more.

Grenfell Tower

The 14th June 2017 and the image of a tower block in West London in complete flames & inferno will never leave us. The families and children left behind to die...awful and heart wrenching. The local council's inability to support those families...even up to today pretty much sums up the failed austerity in the UK. The follow up and knee jerk reaction by other council's tower blocks was also scary. All tower blocks in the UK are dangerous. Fact. Cheap cladding,lack of local council Health & safety Departments - probably due to cuts. Cut,Cut,Cut.

Lets be clear...people living in poverty are people in danger. Should it be politicised? Well social housing IS politics. Do not be mistaken. They say that it could be months before victims are formerly recognised. What lessons to be learned? What price? Who is responsible. Could this take as long as the Hillsborough enquiry? So many questions.

Until Next good!

Trax FM Blog April 2017

Cuba Gooding Senior

Another artist passed to the great concert in the sky this month gone. Cuba M. Gooding Sr. (April 27, 1944 – April 20, 2017) was an American singer and actor. He was the most successful lead singer of the soul group The Main Ingredient.

UK General Elections

The UK Prime Minister surprised everyone by announcing a "snap general election" this month gone. This is a minister that "insisted" a general election in 2020 only. The Brexit issue was never going to go away. In fact,regardless of your politics,the negotiation for Brexit will be like getting eggs out of a cake. Whatever deal it's a bad one. Still....individuals voted for you've got it...

Judge Jim's Big Debate will be broadcasting live on Election night, (8th June 2017) live. Let's see. Do we get a protest vote? (see Donald Trump), or a vote for what actually people want? Trax FM know the obvious answer...and The Big Debate has not been shy in saying so!

We have never seen certain sections of the media so anti Corbyn. Take note, large elements of the media here in the UK are owned by billionaires. Naturally a Labour government has promised to look at the highest earners in the UK,as well as tackling tax avoidance. So if your a billionaire not paying tax,you will not want a Labour administration. It's not  "Vote Corbyn"'s "vote Labour". The leader of the opposition was,(back in 2015), 200/1 to win the leadership of the Labour Party.Well...there he is...leader of the Labour Party.

We are not saying that you should take Labour’s words on its own policies as the gospel truth - it’s a political party, after all. We are not saying that they’ve laid a six-pack of golden eggs that will fix everything that’s wrong with this country. What we do think is that, whenever you hear someone on the news attacking Labour policy, you should stop and ask, ‘Who are you and why don’t you agree with Labour?’ More often than not at the moment, the answer you’ll get is, ‘I’m an extremely wealthy individual and I don’t want to see my wallet getting lighter.’

Trax FM will pin it's badge now. It's representing the many and not the few that works for us...

This Tuesday (2nd May) sees a new presenter on the ever growing Trax FM roster. DJ Adi B's "For Those Who Like To Groove". Funk,Soul, Boogie,Soulful House ,RnB. Every Tuesday from 8PM UK Time.

Music Mick's Mixvibez show is also bringing his Funk/Soul/Boogie delights,(with Rendell Radio) every Saturday From 4PM UK Time

Till Next Month...Be Good!

Trax FM





Trax FM Blog March 2017

RIP Jonie Sledge, Chuck Berry, Robert (P Nut) Johnson…Very sad news……a huge loss to their Friends & families and the music world….

Whilst writing this blog, the terrible news of the London attacks where coming through. Trax FM’s thoughts and prayers to the 4 lost ones. Police officer Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran, & Leslie Rhodes where taken from us in a brutal and mindless attack. The 50 plus injured, (including French children), where also innocently attacked.

Now let’s be very clear here, the attackers should, and will not be named as Muslims. They where terrorists. No affiliation to any religion, just evil terrorists.

Are the attacks across the world a result of bad foreign policy? Yes-failed foreign policy by, (the then president of the United States), Barack Obama and the UK as well as the associated coalition. Now take all of that and bunch it up with the protest votes of Mr. Trump & Brexit. (…And yes, they where protest votes). We will end up with hate crime, and that is exactly what these evil monsters want.

Certain elements of the media constantly “pump” and “program” statistics of immigrants. The same message time and time again. The picture below was incrrectly reported by the main mainstream media. The young lady was actually a nurse calling in to forward the information to the local hospital.


They, (mainstream media), should pop in to the local schools and hospitals; most of the employed there are exactly that, immigrants working in much needed services. Services that are being starved of funding and a huge national debt caused by irresponsible banks. What better way to disguise this by blaming immigrants and couple that with invading countries and creating vacuums of power. What do you think will happen when you attack another country? That’s right, they attack back.

You can catch a much more informed debate every Wednesday From 7PM UK time with Judge Jim's Big Debate

A Couple of changes for Sundays on Trax FM from April. From 7PM UK Time it's DJ Raj and the UK Urban show,and from 9PM UK Time, Ritz's Good Groove Show starts


Let's hope for a more peaceful April 2017...carry on with your lives

Trax FM

Trax FM Blog February 2017

February 2017 brought more sad news we are afraid. Clyde Stubblefield, (some may say – “who?”). Clyde Stubblefield was the drummer for James Brown on cuts like “ Cold Sweat”, “I Got The Feelin”, “Say It Loud”, “Get Up Get Into It” & The Sex Machine album. However it was his rhythmic drumming on “Funky Drummer” in which became the most sampled record of all time with Hip Hop artists in which he is most famous for. Clyde Stubblefield 18th April 1943 – 18th February 2017.

Another great artist, Junie Morrison passed away at the age of 62.

Morrison, the brainchild behind hits, “Pain,” “Pleasure,” “Ecstasy,” and the oft-sampled “Funky Worm,” was beloved by countless musicians in the industry, while bending genres to his creative whim. After leaving the band in 1974, he would release three solo albums (When We Do, Freeze and Suzie Supergroupie).

His impact as one of the structural fathers of funk is uncontested and undisputed. Morrison joined George Clinton‘s Parliament Funkadelic and played a key role in making the group bubble from 1978 through 1980. His contributions to One Nation Under a Groove (“Not Just Knee Deep”), Motor Booty Affair and Gloryhallastoopid made his legend grow even deeper.

Junie Morrison  1954 - January 21st 2017

**Stop Press**

Soul legend,(yes...legend) Leone Ware Passed away on the 23rd February 2017.

Known for his work with Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Maxwell, and even Tyler, the Creator, passed away at 77 on Thursday (February 23), NPR reports. Although the cause of death has not been confirmed, Ware was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the mid-2000s, which could have contributed to his death.

Born in 1940, the Detroit native got his start with Motown Records while in his twenties, penning songs for the likes of The Isley Brothers, Ike and Tina Turner, and eventually the King of Pop. Later in his career, he would go on to work with Maxwell on the song “Sumthin’ Sumthin'” from his 1996 debut album, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, and most recently, appeared on Tyler, the Creator’s 2015 Cherry Bomb project. His eleventh (and final) solo studio album, Moon Ride, was released in 2008.

His music has been sampled by countless Hip Hop artists ranging from 2 Pac and A Tribe Called Quest to Brandy and Jay Z. Artists including Thundercat, Tyler, the Creator, Dam-Funk, Theophilus London (who worked with Ware in 2014 on his Vibes project),

Leone Ware: February 16th 1940 - February 23rd 2017

David RB was covering for the Chas Summers Throwback Show on the when the news came through of the loss of Al Jarreau. The 7 times Grammy award winner was the subject of the Chas Summers Throwback show on the 19th February. What a loss.

Al Jarreau March 12th 1940 – 12th February 2017.

Speaking of the Grammy awards…A Tribe Called Quest absolutely killed it with their live performance

Beyoncé is pregnant. Who cares? There where major other events in the world but for some weird reason, the “famous” pregnancy news hit the headlines…. bonkers!

2017 brings us a new 45th president of the United States. Judge Jim covered off a lot of this, (Wednesdays from 7PM UK time). Lets see? Where do we start…. banning Muslim refugees from entering the USA was deemed unlawful…. so Mr. Trump sacked the acting attorney general. Our opinion on that was Mr. Trump knew he would be outlawed and can now say – “Hey! Look! I tried”, (and keeping with his slowly watered down manifesto promises). Michael Flynn resigning after “doing business” with Russia, (before Trump’s inauguration). There is more to that and as time moves on…. watch this space!

Great new show on Trax FM. Richie Pask’s Trax of House/Club Solution every Tuesday from 8PM UK Time. It is rather good if you like your dance/house. Brilliant in the mix/remixes from the talented Richie.

Any one know what our prime minister actually do/does? Good…we don’t know either. She was not elected either….

The Streetsounds Electro series has returned on every Friday from 10PM UK time…delicious!

Keep listening to Trax FM…Radical & Wicked Music for Wicked People!

See You Next month!


Trax FM Blog January 2017

So…2017 hopes to bring us better news…Let’s hope so! Just after our last blog post, we lost Alphonse Mouzon & George Michael. In regards to George, if, (like a lot of the Trax FM DJ’s), George Michael meant a lot to us. Yes, some would say Wham where very cheesy, (George admits this). However the stuff George subsequently wrote and produced was and is brilliant. It seemed George seemed to free himself of the shackles of record label corporatism and started to produce some good soul and dance.

George’s last album, (Patience - 2004), in which George was clearly out spoken against the invasion of Iraq. Maybe it’s time for all high profile artists to sometimes speak out on issues that really affect all of us?

Any way, in regards to George’s opinion on the invasion of Iraq, here is an interesting fact. In February 2003, Michael unexpectedly recorded another song in protest against the looming Iraq war, Don McLean's "The Grave". The original was written by McLean in 1971 and was a protest against the Vietnam War. Michael performed the song on numerous TV shows including Top of the Pops and So Graham Norton. His performance of the song on Top of the Pops on 7 March 2003 was his first studio appearance on the programme since 1986. He ran into conflict with the show's producers for an anti-war, anti Blair T-shirt worn by some members of his band. In response, Don McLean issued a statement, through his website, praising Michael's recording: "I am proud of George Michael for standing up for life and sanity. I am delighted that he chose a song of mine to express these feelings. We must remember that the Wizard is really a cowardly old man hiding behind a curtain with a loud microphone. It takes courage and a song to pull the curtain open and expose him. Good Luck George."


Trax FM Blog December 2016

Since Phyllis Hymans Suicide in 1995,it left fans bewildered. It now transpires that there will be a musical based on her life and reasons for her untimely death. Entitled Evening With Phyllis Hyman”, set to kick off in New York’s Actor’s Temple Theatre on January the 28th & 29th 2017.


Hyman---just shy of her 46th birthday---committed suicide by overdosing on prescription pills on June 30, 1995. A suicide note left behind read: "I'm tired. I'm tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you." 


We can’t say that 2016 was a great year for great artists, Prince, Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Phife Dawg, Leonard Cohen, Maurice White, Billy Paul, Kashif, Vanity, (Denise Mathews).Just before constructing this December blog,we have also learnt of the passing of Colonal Abrams at the age of 67. The Detroit-born, New York-based singer is perhaps best known for 1985 hit “Trapped,” but Colonel Abrams also sang on several tracks that are considered to have laid the groundwork for what is now considered global dance music. Last year, Colonel Abrams was reportedly homeless and suffering from diabetes, and a crowd-funding effort by fans and friends was launched to get him back on his feet.  Many many more was lost in 2016. However their music lives on….


David Mancuso may not be a DJ name that is familiar to some. ). David Passed away on the 15th November 2016 at the age of 72.

 However those that know and remember "The Loft” ,( an establishment regarded as the “first underground dance party” in New York in the 70’s.Unlike the commercial clubs that existed to make a profit, Mancuso and particularly his event Love Saves the Day, offered a space for its members, often an LGBTQ audience, to celebrate nightlife without police interference. Mancuso was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame in 2005 for his contribution to club culture, and as one of the formative figures in DJing and dance music. As well as creating a positive and safe space for its often marginalised attendees, The Loft was known for improving the standards of sound, using an exceptional hi-fi system to heighten the musical experience.

We also lost the lead singer of the Dap –Kings, Sharon Jones, ( August 1956 – November 2016). The Dap-Kings where spearheading a massive soul revival. The Dap-Kings where hired by Mark Ronson on the Amy Winehouse 2006 album “Back To Black”. Before then, ( and despite), her powerhouse voice, Jones failed to make a breakthrough for decades until a recording session led to a Dap-Kings album in 2002.The band later won a Grammy nomination and performed at Glastonbury.

In regards to bad news…roll on 2017…..

Trax FM looks for the cream of DJ talent. Not just the cult type of presenters, but the also the cream of the UK/Europe club circuit. As well as the Friday night guest mix sessions, but Danny Jay is live, (yes live!), every Tuesday from the venue, The Junction in Harrow,(London UK). Check the “Digital Anthems” sessions every Tuesday from 10PM UK Time. These guys are not just talented, they work bloody hard….

Christmas is finally here,(what happened to the summer?). Have a great Christmas & brilliant new year boys & girls!

See you on the other side...

Trax FM...Wicked Music For Wicked People


Trax FM Blog November 2016

September/October 2016 was a very sad time for the soul/funk dance scene. Two great artists of this genre, Kashif & Rod Temperton went to the great concert in the sky. The following involved Rod Temperton & Kashif:


BT Express                                                   Michael Jackson

Evelyn “Champagne” King                           James Ingram

Melba Moore                                                 Donna Summer

Johnny Kemp                                               Herbie Hancock

Whitney Houston                                          Manhattan Transfer

Kenny G                                                        Mica Paris

Stacy Lattisaw                                              Freda Payne

Dionne Warwick                                            Meli’sa Morgan

                                                                      George Benson


If you know your stuff in funk/soul of the 80’s…have a real close look at that list…not forgetting their own performing careers, Kashif as a solo artist and of course Rod Temperton in the UK soul band Heatwave…. amazing…


This month saw the return of Glenn D’s Temple Of Hip Hop. Glenn returned with cuts from T.I, Dj Khaled, Big Punisher, Coops, Tech N9ne, Nas, Joey Bada$$. All in the mix! Catch Glenn Every Monday From 10:30PM UK Time.


DJ Groomie's "Guilty Pleasures Show", (Tuesdays From 6PM UK Time) is one to listen too. Imagine those famous chart cuts from the 90’s, (Sugababes, Steps, Gerri Haliwell, Backstreet Boys,). Some of those 90’s pop groups where discarded by the corporate record companies. DJ Groomie brings them back! Throw in some Julie Andrews and The Monkeys…and music from the famous 70’s adverts such as “Shake N Vac”…you have to listen to it to believe it!

JJ The DJ gives a double dose of “Back To The 80’s”,(5PM UK Time, Wednesdays & The temporary return of the “Twilight Twinkle Show”,(Sundays,7PM UK Time).

A couple of shows to mention if you’re into your boogie. Mr. B’s Foot Tappers show From 7PM UK Time & Ritz’s Good Grooves Show, 11AM UK Time, Saturdays. Full of soul, funk, boogie, jazz, jazz funk. On the same tip, The Groove Doctor's Drive Time Show, Fridays From 5PM UK Time. Also The Chas Summers Throwback Show Every Sunday From 5PM UK Time. The Relax With Rendell Show,Saturdays From 8PM UK Time With Rendell Radio. Also Dave Smith's Saturday Nite Boogie Show From 10PM UK Time.

The Trax FM Guest Mix sessions go from strength to strength! The last few weeks have seen BIG UK club DJ's grace Trax FM studious with their talents! Richie Pask, Danny Dove, Davide Buffoni , DJ S , DJ Lee Red , Rik Shaw. Not to be missed….Every Friday from 10PM UK Time…

Morlando In The Mix, every Thursday from 10PM is another set that features new club, to club classics. Also featured in the mix is the “who sampled who” section….

A massive thank you to Jason, (DJ), Littleman for meeting us,(finally!) from Adelaide , Australia. The Trax FM boys where over the moon! David RB was even more excited as he was able to talk to Jason non stop about boxing! DJ Littleman is back in Adelaide,but is with us on Trax FM every Sunday from 10AM UK Time Every Sunday!

Christmas is coming,(so soon?)

Chat later……

Trax FM…Wicked Music For Wicked People…..






Trax FM Blog October 2015

Welcome To The latest Trax FM blog for October. Well, the nights are getting shorter and chilly. Not to worry. We will warm you up! Some new features this month on Trax FM. We noticed the abundance in new music, (whether it may be Soul, Funk, Hip Hop etc.) in the last 12 months or so worldwide.

So...we decided to pick ten or so cuts that you can hear throughout the day...cos they are that good! Angie Stone - 2 Bad Habits, Fabreeze Brothers Album,Apachie Throwdown - Lemonade, (yes! that one with the old "R Whites" advert!). Candace Woodson- Free, Timmy Vegas - Timmy's Choir,Tommy Momrell - Back Together Remake, Yinka AKA Reason - Get Up When I Fall, Tai Malone - Moving On EP, One, Blonde- Feel Good,Macklemore & Ryan lewis - Downtown, Pia Mia Feat Chris Brown - Do It Again. Plus the brilliant Soul Togetherness 2015 album with some selected cuts off that. Not to worry though!

Your regular unadunt...unadunt...anudant.... great music is still there! It's close to your hearts as it is ours.... whether that comes in the shape of reggae and rare groove, (Mr B's Foot Tappers show - Thursdays from 7PM UK time) or Ritz's Good Groove Show - Saturdays from 11AM UK time). Perhaps some Back To The 80's Chart stuff from JJ The Deejay Friday nights from 10PM UK time? A mighty welcome to our latest addition here on Trax FM.The Groove Doctor's Drivetime show from 5PM UK time every Friday. This makes those awful Friday drives home a lot easier for sure with some brilliant choices of old school funk & boogie...and some brilliant lovers rock. Welcome Nigel, (or Doctor).

DJ Paresh Kelly's Back 2 Basics Show every Sunday from 3PM gives us something very different.90's, (or naughties) R&B groove superbly mixed by Paresh gives Sundays a new lease of really need to catch that show. Speaking of Sundays,DJ Littlemans Beats International show is beginning to really take a life of it's own. Jason is getting his listeners to send in video clips of his listeners dancing! Superb! A Quality show from "down under"...really.... it’s hugely entertaining...

Your regular dose of new and exclusive cuts, (DJ Anzarack - Mondays 6:30 PM UK Time) & DJ Shylo (Sundays from 1PM UK Time) continue to blow the minds of their many listeners who listen to those sets...

DJ Raj, (Tuesdays from 8PM UK Time) has been watching Aston Villa derbies of late! Mind you...he can present a show and watch footie at the same time. Look for exciting news coming up from DJ Raj, (..Or "Raju" as David RB calls him) with his "new show". Do catch Raj's cover of Chas Summers Throwback show, (featured artist was Leroy Burgess......

Pacman, Hugh give us something different, but pure style.... both shows let you "get on with it" if your working in the office or home, with some exciting long lost gems thrown in!

Our two Hip Hop Shows on Trax FM are the talk of the town, (literally!). The Shan show, (Fridays from 8:30 UK Time), had the brilliant Spatts, (The Criminal Minds) in the studio with a live interview. Glenn D's Temple Of Hip Hop show, (Mondays from 10:30 PM UK time) was featured on Charlie Sloth's Radio One Xtra show. Both shows are blinding...

Our talented House DJ's, (Chris,DJ Late Nite Dancer,Lloyd Higgins, Israel Soul DJ & Max Mistry) are growing beyond belief. Their sets are a wonderful pallet of deep and soulful...with a warm dark side of progressive House. Have their sets on loud mind...the bass will have your eyelashes shaking.... (Yes.... we mean the Badgers eyelashes too...)

Speaking of the Badger, him and Chas Summers continue to to be the "Chas & Dave" of Trax FM..... Catch Chas Summers Throwback Show every Sunday from 5PM UK time...if you thought that Trax FM was some 80's backstreet pirate...think again. Our presenters should be on national radio...Catch the Big Debate with Judge Jim On Wednesdays from 7PM UK time too...another show that, (like Trax FM) punches above it's weight...and then some....

Our next blog will be about Christmas shopping...(kidding!).

Happy listening you crazy kids!

Trax FM....Wicked Music For Wicked people...




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Trax FM Blog

Trax FM Blog September 2015

Well! What a few hectic months it has been on here at Trax FM! New DJ's,new websites,new slogans! Phew! Firstly,the new DJ's here on Trax FM. On Mondays we have DJ Anzarack,( 6:30 UK Time). DJ Anazrack gives us a little something different. Exclusive,new dance and club exclusives. Trax FM do allow their presenters to thoroughly express themselves. It is not about individuals here on Trax FM. There is a show here for you,(or you may like a bit of everything...welcome to Trax FM!). DJ Hugh Kaye is a case in point. Hugh plays a weekly show here on Trax FM,(Wednesdays from 3pm UK time). Hugh jumps from House to Soul to Rock & Rap. Some songs/Rap are in German or another Global language.Superb!

Mr B & The Foot Tappers Show,(Mr B was in a jazz funk dance crew back in the day called the Foot Tappers if you are wondering!) every Thursday from 7PM UK time,brings us some delicious Jazz Funk,Jazz,Disco,Funk...fantastic.Old venues such as Bogarts & Tudors are in Mr B's radar on his show!

On the same vein,Ritz & The Goodgroove Show on Saturdays at 11am UK time also gives you more musical munchies for your music pallet. Not only that,expect Ritz to drop the odd Japanese rarity too. Memories of the 100 Club,(the great soul.funk establishment in London in the late 70's/early 80's - DJ George Power), spring to mind on this show.

Sundays here on Trax FM are jam packed! From 11AM UK time it is DJ Littleman live..yes live...from Australia! Littleman is a superb enthusiastic DJ who genuinely loves his music. He is on a record at present as not playing the same record twice over his last series of shows...well done Jason!

Nest up on Sundays,(from 1PM UK time), it's DJ Shylo's Sunday Shakedown show. Now the 'norm" here could be to play the same old 80"s stuff,(nothing wrong in that). However DJ Shylo plays them but exclusively remixed.It is a fantastic show.Expect a sprinkling of some underground club exclusives too.

From 3PM UK time it is Paresh Kelly's Back 2 Basics show. Here is another show in which gives us a little something different. 90's R&B and beyond...all mixed up! The 90's for most of us,brought in R&B/Swing,and really gave the club scene an alternative to the then "superclubs". More and more Bars with dancefloors sprung up in the UK as a result. Great memories by Paresh on the Back 2 Basics show....Sundays will never be the same!

What a result! (no..not QPR getting 3 points). We mean the addition of Rendell! Rendell is back every Saturday from 8PM UK time. If fun and having a beverage or 3,add to it great,(not the norm funk and Disco...although if you ask him he might play some Abba!). Do try and catch Rendell...we's fun all the way!

When we received a demo off DJ Late Night Dancer,(we do receive a lot of demos), we where taken aback. The music was fantastic and quite deep and funky. Welcome to DJ Late Night Dancer and her "Filthy House Show",(Fridays from 7PM UK time and Saturdays from 6PM UK time).  You will really enjoy her shows,very similar to Israel Soul DJ,(Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5PM UK Time) and The Max Mistry Show,(Thursdays from 10PM - Thursdays). Hey! if you have what it takes...send in your demo to

All your regular favorites are still here,The Pacman,Glenn D,DJ Raj,DJ Hugh Kaye,Judge Jim,David RB,DJ Chris,Lloyd Higgins,Max Mistry,Shan,JJ The Deejay,Chas Summers,Alvin Stone...and that list is growing!

Speaking of Glenn D,(The Temple Of Hip Hop Show - Mondays from 10:30 UK time), we where/are very proud of Glenn featuring on Radio 1Xtra on the Charlie Sloth show...fantastic. Shan & Glenn really support new and old Rap/Hip Hop. There was a time in which this genre of music was pushed away in the early hours of the morning by the major stations...not here on Trax FM. If you are a new hip hop artist,please know that if the track is good...we will back you!

Speaking of new artists,Trax FM will be certainly supporting new talent.This month we are playing the new EP by Tai Malone,( "Moving On" EP). Also the new single by Yinka AKA Reason - "Get Up When I Fall". Fantastic stuff.You can here these two brilliant artists throughout the day here on Trax FM.

Trax FM....Wicked Music For Wicked People!

Trax FM Blog April 2015

Happy April!

Well we have been busy here on Tax FM, what with new DJ's bringing in something new & different! Glenn D, the welcome return of Lloyd Higgins from the 23rd of April, DJ Chris too. More coming too from different parts of the world. Watch this space!

We were thinking about the funky 80's. The venues and house parties, the venues, (Henry 8th,Bogarts, Shaftsburys, Jaquiline’s, Samantha’s etc.). Where you there?

What where your favourite tunes back then? Email us them and will be more then happy to play them…back-to-back!

We know that any photos of yourselves back then may make you cringe! Hey! If David RB can put a picture of himself up, (from 1985…white socks & All!)…Anything is possible! Go on! Send em in to the above email address?


Mondays to Sundays here on Trax FM have now become packed with great music! From the Pacman with his mixture of Hindi to Hip Hop, Glen D’s Temple of Hip Hop alongside Shan’s UK Hip Hop, to the Soulful House sounds of DJ Chris, Dave Aura, Danny Jay & Lloyd Higgins.Max Mistry and not forgetting the daily dose of Israel Soul’s Soulkitchen from Ibiza. Throw in the funky sounds of Chas Summers & DJ Raj with Judge Jim’s Big Debate…it’s all happening here! A massive boost for us was the welcome return of JJ The Deejay! JJ has returned to Trax with his Twilight Twinkle Show every Friday night at 10PM UK time. Why we love JJ and his shows,well firstly they are very funny! Secondly his musical taste is not the norm. Here at Trax FM we do not operate musical snobbery nor do we tell our DJ's what to play. JJ reflects this with a mixture of Rock,Pop & Soul...and whatever! The same can be said for Alvin Stone & The Gucci Thang every Sunday From 7PM UK time. R&B Dance classics is Alvin's slogan.However expect to hear some rare Soul/ is an education.

Now start to get those photos out! Prizes for the best ones and don't forget...your top 10 from back in the day will be featured on Trax FM!




Trax FM December Blog

Happy New Year And Trax FM Still Booming!


The Pacman & JJ The Deejay Kicked Off The Month With Such Energy It Had Us Spinning! Join JJ Every Monday From 5PM UK Time & The Pacman Live From 8:30 UK Time, Every Monday!


One of Martin Shaw’s Sets Featured a “Who Sampled Who” Special. There Was A Brilliant Version Of Ripple’s “The Beat Goes On”…In Which David RB Has Not Got!


Chas Summers Featured Evelyn Champagne King On His Throwback Show. It Does Not Matter What Genre Of Music We Prefer….Evelyn Champagne King’s Music Everyone Knows Regardless Of Age! The Midnight Starr Show Was/Is Fantastic By The Way!


DJ Hugh Kaye Kicked Off December With All Sorts Of Christmas Music! Some Of Hugh’s Shows Went Back To Rock…Then Funky House!


DJ Allan Continues With His Magnificent Essential Selection Request Show With Crowd Pleasing Favorites On EVERY Track…Requested From Listeners All Over The Globe!


One Of Shaun Gallagher’s Stax Of Trax Shows Produced A Wonderful Mash – Up Of The Jones Girls “Nights Over Egypt” With Earth Wind & Fire!


Christmas Here On Trax FM Tends To Be On The Quiet Side, But Let There Be No Doubt…Trax FM Always Entertains!


Have A Great New Year…& Watch Out 2015!...


Trax FM The Original 103.3 Pirates are Back!

Trax FM Blog November 2014

Sunny B’s Old Skool Represents Kicked Off November In Fine Style! Guest DJ’s J MADDEX & GREG DAMAGE & DJ DFUNK Smashed The Internet Airwaves With Shows Ranging From 2 To 3 Hours Long! Excellent Sets & Many Thanks For Guesting On Sunny's Show!

Chas Summers Also Kicked Off November With A Luther Vandross Show. No One Better Could Have Done Such A Great Show For A Truly Great Artist! Chas also featured the great Kool & The Gang, amongst other wicked Soul/Funk artists. The George Benson Show & The Great Change.Chas Was One Of Those “Must Listen” Moments! More so on Chas’s Prince special Show…Chas wondered off for his wine corkscrew…And Forgot That Prince’s – “I Wanna Be Your Lover” He Was Playing Was The Short Version!

DJ Allan put more pressure on the internet airwaves,from massive tracks to some excellent mixes. Allan Even Introduced “Requests Shows…” A Mammoth Task For Any Radio DJ Out There! Not For Our Allan!......Go On Allan!

JJ The Deejay Managed To Turn The Pacman Into Welsh,(But Said He Was Irish!!!), David RB With A Rash! Judge Jim Threatened All With His Rubber Duck! Chas Summers,(Pronounced “Chars”) With His Cork-less Lamborghini Wine!!! “He’s A One Isn’t He!!!”

The Pacman did the business this month. He played – Jupiter “Beyond River Drive” to Glo Worm “I Lift My Cup”. What an eclectic combination! Who Can Forget One Show & Shanks & Bigfoot – “Sweet Like Chocolate”!

Martin Shaw does not fail to produce. If we could put Martin to DJ on a dancefloor…Phew! Every Time With Martin Shaw’s Shows! Catch Martin Live Every Tuesday At 8PM UK Time With The Soul Sessions!

Shan kicked off November with some great Hijack! We cannot get enough of this great British UK Hip Hop here on Trax FM…Shan Really Went To Work On The Wheels For One Of His Sets! Skillz!

Judge Jim Delivered Yet Again With More From Excaro News.  We Also Asked Jim On Random “Daily Mail/The Sun” Type Questions On Myths Such As “Immigrants Over Straining The NHS”. Quite Rightly The Judge Put The Record Straight! 

DJ Hugh Kaye Had A Blinder With Bit Of Clannad! One Of Hugh’s Shows Featured A Bit Of 70’s & 80”s Rock! One Show Featured Some Delicious Salsa Superb! 

Shaun Gallagher Never Fails To Impress! He Even Hit Us With An Exclusive Frankie Knuckles – Tears Remix….By Mr Shaun Gallagher! Shaun Has Just Had Permission To Put On The Famous Campsoul 2015 Soul Festival! That’s 5 Years On The Trot For Shaun, Who’s Efforts To Put Music On A Live Platform & Make It A Bit Of Fun Too Is Truly Admiral. 

Lloyd Higgins Dance Master Show Debuted In November. What A Scorcher! 

Much The Same With Danny Jay’s Analogue Anthems. Both Brilliant DJ’s Displayed That Trax FM Are Not Just A Soul/Disco Station. They Really Showed Trax FM Has A Truly Diverse Platform With Some Huge Club/House.

 Thanks Lloyd & Danny

Max Mistry’s Music Mistry Shows Are A Revelation In Deep /Progressive House. Max,(& We Can Vouch For This), Has Always Loved House…From Waaay Back! 

Just A Note On This, Some Trax FM Dj’s Professions Are Full Time Club DJ’s. Due To Commercialism etc, They Have To Play Certain Genres Of Music In Which Are Dictated To Them From The Venue Owners. However Once On Trax FMOur DJ’s Shows Are Purely Their Domain! They Love What They Play & Believe In It. Their Playlists & Content Are Not Dictated By Anyone But Themselves!

We Like To Call It A Labour Of Love!.

Listen! Have A Great Trax FM Christmas...& Keep Checking The Trax FM Facebook & Trax FM Twitter Pages For News Over December 2014!

Trax FM Crew




Trax FM Blog 2nd November 2014

Welcome Back To Our Regular Feature Here On Trax FM! We are The Original 103.3 Pirates!

DJ Hugh Kaye Does Some Different Stuff Every Week. This Can Range From R&B to World Hip Hop & Global House. Touched Up With Some Remixes We Have No Idea Where He Gets Them From!

Pacman slipped some great stuff thist month! From KLF to Hindi to Dynamix II. On one show was Trouble Funk & Brass Construction too. Oh Gosh!

Martin Shaw returned fresh off his holidays, (and pulled in some holiday friends who now listen to Trax FM), with some great soul/funk classics, and some well-known breakbeats too. Nice one Martay! Martin Followed up with some wonderful Streetwave records material. We have forgotten how groundbreaking Streetwave really where in the UK.Nice one Martay!

Chas Summers Throwback Show Featured Stevie Wonder To Heatwave, with some classics from Cherrelle to Jerome Prister. Great Bio’s too on the artists! Loved The Shalamar Show Too Chas!

Shan played some great sets too, and featured Deejay Random from The Steel Devils on one of his shows. Quality!

More To Come From Shan Too…Watch out!

DJ Allan featured some great dance years such as 1989 and 1990.Allan did not concentrate on the “norm” stuff either. Great mixes too from those eras. We particularly loved the disco show, with the threat of playing the Village People!

Judge Jim’s Big Debate, (on one show this month), our secret Skype link password was changed! Yes! Seriously! Such subjects Judge is covering off is bothering someone “up there”……

JJ The Deejay gets better & better! JJ has his own “spin” on Trax DJ’s! You have got to hear it to believe it! JJ’s Judge Jim & Badger Rap Is Fantastic! Wonder Who Is Next???

Sunny B’s “Old Skool Represents” continues to push the boundaries on Trax FM. Drum & Bass may be a minority style of music on the internet, however Sunny B obviously has a passion for D&B and his shows replicate his passion. Not to be missed! Sunny Had A Special Guest DJ, GREG DAMAGE On One Of His Shows…More To Come On Drum & Bass Guest DJ’s Via “Old Skool Represents….

Max Mistry’s “Mistry Music Show” indeed left us open mouthed with his first couple of shows. Progressive house is the order of the day here, and Max did not disappoint! The Shows Week After Week Get Better & Better!

We have a new DJ to the ranks of Trax FM, welcome Danny Jay with the “Analogue Anthems”. Danny,(obviously) uses lovely vinyl. Club classics and guest mixers on Danny’s show. Kicks off every Tuesday, (11th November)…Tuesdays from 10PM UK time.

Alvin Stone & The Gucci Thang With His Regular Dance & RnB Classics Is Not The Norm Show! We Promise You!


Christmas Is Fast Approaching Here On Trax FM!!! More On That Next Month!


Be Good!


Trax FM...The Original 103.3 Pirates!!!!



The First Blog!

 Trax FM Blog - 27th September 2014


Welcome to Trax FM's first blog! Well! We started re-broadcasting mid-June 2014,and it seems we have hit the ground running! We have managed to "recruit" all the 80's boys and then some! We firstly got a non stop playlist whilst we recruited those presenters. The music is a mixture of Soul,Reggae,Hip Hop,House,live Debate,Bhangra,Electro,Garage,Retro Pop,Drum & Bass,Disco,Funk,Jazz,Jazz Funk...whatever!

Our old partner Martin Shaw was the very first presenter on Trax FM with the Soul Sessions. Every Tuesday at 8PM UK Time. When people say "earnt their stripes" Martin falls into that category. Plugging for massive dance labels in the 80's,(Streetsounds for example) .Naturally club dj'ing for someone with Martin's knowledge comes naturally ,as you will tell when you hear Martin Shaw's Soul Sessions!                                                         


Then of course we have the brilliant Shaun Gallagher with the Stax Of Trax show.  Shaun has done a sterling job for the last 5 years with the Campsoul festival. You can catch this years best bits via the Campsoul TV on the Trax FM website. Shaun plays a wonderful selection of classic Soul to Nu-Soul,with some wonderful Jazz & Jazz funk classics every Thursday from 8PM UK time.Shaun Gallagher's show was initially called "Across The Trax",but apparently another show was on the airwaves with the same name.....never mind!


Then of course the Wednesday boys came on! Firstly a show in which we attempted to champion in 1985,but political constraints,and the DTI busts forced the idea off the air. However,the internet,(and it's global opportunities), have made it possible to bring this show to the internet airwaves. Judge Jim's Big Debate from 6pm live . So far Judge Jim has covered off Guantamino Bay, ( even writing to the Whitehouse & getting a reply!). Also the Syria crisis, & the growing child abuse story,(in which Judge Jim told us "to look up...and keep looking up"),how right he was.The show was well ahead of the story weeks before the press. The show is totally interactive via chatroom,Skype,(thisistrax),email,and Twitter...join in the world's biggest internet conversation!


DJ Hugh Kaye has been with David RB since 2009 and the now defunct Classics 4 Life and New Funk Radio. Hugh plays a combination of Kraftwerk, Eurythmics,Thompson Twins, to Eric Prydz...brilliant stuff! Join DJ Hugh Kaye From 7PM UK Time Every Wednesday!

David..well David is..erm! Well! Who can say what the Badger RB will get up to! Soul,Hip Hop,Electro,Reggae,Chutney,House. Jazz Funk,Disco...who knows! Join David RB From 8PM UK Time Every Wednesday

JJ The DJ is probably the most talented presenter in terms of sheer comedy,Jingles,and the ability to make every genre of music exciting! JJ plays pop,rock,Disco..whatever...but boy! He is hilarious! Join JJ every Monday from 5PM UK time.

Shan and David RB go back from the 80's. Shan was/is an accomplished "beat boxer" and an amazing Graffiti artist. However it is the art of turntableism in which Shan comes into his own. A support DJ for bands in the mid-90's and coming up through the great school of turntablists in the late 80's,Shan is a massive addition to the dj line up here on Trax FM. Catch Shan 8:30 UK Time Every Friday Live. Replays Are Thursdays at 7PM UK Time Fridays. More importantly..a great champion for local Hip Hop talent.Get your demos in!

Chas Summers used to DJ at many live functions,(and still does via Bar Rumba & Strawberry Moons). We can vouch that for sheer entertainment Chas Summers can move any floor,(and now any internet radio show). David RB DJ'd with Chas in the 80's. Once Trax FM was back on air,Chas was the person David went looking for,(plus David likes to punch Chas!). Catch Chas's Throwback Show Every Sunday From 3PM UK Time. Chas concentrates on artists every show,from Earth Wind & Fire,Chic,Stevie Wonder....

DJ Allan worked with David & Martin on the great Soul City Grooves Radio. Allan gives us the hard task of specialising in a certain year or decade of dance music and a great mix too! We promise you,Allan has a habit of playing something that you have not heard in years,his knowledge of dance music over the years is legendary! Catch DJ Allan's Essential Selection From 5PM UK Time Every Sunday.

Alvin Stone,(named after the famous Fantastic Four's 1975 classic), is one of our most soul/disco knowledgeable presenter. Alvin,(and the Gucci Thang), has traveled the world over the years. We do suggest you catch his show on Sundays from 7PM UK time. It is not only funky..but an education. Also Alvin's unique presenting style is magnetic. Alvin & David,Hugh Kaye & Judge Jim worked together on the,(now defunct) New Funk Radio.

The Pacman was involved with Trax FM back in 1985,there fore he was always going to be with us. Pacman loves his music back then...and loves it now. Always part of North London,(as was all the Trax FM DJ's back then). We can safely say that Pacman is back to what he does best...playing music! Catch The Pacman on Mondays from 8:30 UK Time. We promise you...he plays new and old...and does it well!

We also welcome a wonderful house/Chill out DJ,DJ Israel Soul. DJ Israel is a massive favorite in Ibiza and KM5 Radio. DJ Israel is one of the Eden beach Club resident DJ's. Israel's sets reflect the "white Island" perfectly. Catch Israel from 5pm Tuesdays To Fridays......

Some new concepts are up & running here on Trax FM. There cannot be any DJ/presenter from the 80's that was not influenced by the Streetsounds Electro series. David spoke to Martin Shaw about the concept of playing each album on certain days in the week. Martin actually helped deliver some electro 12" singles to Herbie from Mastermind Roadshow,(to mix the actual album), when Martin worked for Streetsounds! Small world!

By the time this blog was written,two new presenters/DJ's joined the Trax FM line up. Max Mistry & Sunny B. Max was/is a DJ that was inspired by the likes of Colin Dale,so we will have more info on Max's debut show in the October blog. Sunny B is our resident drum & bass presenter. So much has happened since 1985 and we intend to catch up with it musically! Sunny B is the presenter/dj to do that with a music phenomenon that never went away since 1991...Drum & Bass!


We hope you enjoy your listening pleasure here on Trax FM. We are playing catch up on technology and still gasp when,rather then a listener from south London contacts us,it is now from Japan,Taiwan,Syria,USA,Mauritius,Germany,Sweden,Canada..the list leaves us breathless!


Now that the intros are over...we get into the REAL running of Trax FM.....


See You Next Month


Trax FM